Parshall Bible Chapel


Position Statement

The Parshall Bible Chapel is a non-denominational Bible believing Church.

Mission Statement

Parshall Bible Chapel is to:

  • Provide a place for BELIEVERS to WORSHIP GOD
  • Provide a way for NONBELIEVERS to COME to the LORD
  • Provide education resulting in individual SPIRITUAL GROWTH
  • Provide support for needy people

Revised in October 1996

Parshall Bible Chapel Statement of Belief

There exists a supreme spirit being known as Almighty God.  God exists as three distinct yet coequal entities: GOD, CHRIST, and HOLY SPIRIT.

God is the Creator of Heaven, Earth, and all things contained in each.

God created Mankind uniquely in His own image.  His intent in doing this, is so that Mankind may have a special everlasting relationship with God.

Sin is disobedience to God.  All people are sinners because Adam, the first person, sinned.

God cannot tolerate sin, or associate with sin in any way.  Therefore sin separates Mankind for God, by acting as a barrier between Mankind and Himself.

God required a perfect sinless sacrifice as payment to remove this barrier of sin, so that the relationship between God and Mankind can be renewed.

Man by himself, is not capable of providing such a payment.  Fortunately, God has willingly  provided a sufficient payment for us.

The payment God has provided is the sacrifice of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Christ came to Earth in the form of a man, experienced the same temptations to sin as we do, yet remained sinless, and was sacrificed as the payment for OUR sin.  Christ then rose from death and returned to Heaven.

Anyone who confesses sin, accepts that Christ is God, and believes that Christ’s death was a TOTALLY sufficient sacrifice, establishes a direct personal relationship with God, and becomes indwelt with the HOLY SPIRIT.

This indwelling of the Holy Spirit results in a desire to follow Jesus’ example.  The Holy spirit is also a source of STRENGTH and COMFORT in our daily lives.

God communicates his TRUTH to Man through the HOLY BIBLE.  Man is directed by this truth to communicate with GOD via PRAYER.

Revised in October 1996